Where to rent or lease a printer?

Ever had that feeling you want to buyInternet-Money a printer or any other electric device, but you don’t want to spent all the money at once? Well I have and I was so happy once I found out about online renting. When you rent or lease a printer you can make very small weekly or monthly payments, according to your desire. Probably the best part is that after a year you will be the proud owner of the product at no extra costs.

Who is eligible

Renting products is an awesome feature some companies provide us with, but their conditions aren’t always the best. Sometimes you might have to prove you have good credit, you have to make a payment in advance, there could be hidden fees,… However, the site I’m about to show you has NONE of this. I’ve tried it myself and it was a great experience. I bought an office printer as a gift to my uncle. Very simple, good service, no hidden fees, zero regrets! Basically anybody can rent a product online. If i can do it, you can do it.

Getting started

You will get the best online renting conditions at Flex Shopper. There you can buy a printer starting at only $2/week. Or 1000’s of other devices you would like. Every member has a $2500 instant spending limit. Even at the end of your payments, you still end up at a very low total cost. There are other rental sites available but none of them will offer you the same conditions. Go check out their website now and watch the intro video on how it works. It will tell you everything you need to know about their renting program in just a minute.

For everybody out there who doesn’t want Flex-Shopperto spend a big amount at once, renting is a perfect alternative. Flex Shopper is the ideal platform to fulfill your needs. I ordered a printer myself but the other products have some great deals available too. I am planning on buying a new headphone for my sister as a birthday present! If you have any topic related question feel free to leave a comment. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Happy buying!


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  1. Hello Vincent,

    This is a great source for many great electronics! $6 a week for a home theatre receiver is very tempting. If I’m tight on money, I’ll definitely consider buying from here. Especially if I’m need of a new TV. Thanks for showing me Flex Shopper. It may come in handy one day.

    1. Hi Bradyn,

      Glad I could help you out. They really do have amazing offers. I’m sure you will find something you like.


  2. Vincent,
    I really like your review of the FlexShopper platform. You had first hand experience, which I think is fairly important. I would have never thought a person could “rent” these products online! You make it sound easy that anybody can sign up and use this. Keep up the good work! Sorry, I don’t have more to offer, looks great

  3. What a neat service. I never heard of this program, so had to check it out and see what was in there. They offer everything from electronics to furniture and anything in between. I’ve even seen new, so I’m assuming it’s a growing service.

    I’m sure this will work for people who are interested in renting to own products. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Evie,

      They offer so many products, pretty much everybody can find something they desire. Go check it out!


    1. They have an early payment option available, if you do decide to pay at once. The price will depend on the product you have chosen. To get more information about early payments go visit their website and go to the payment calculator. The calculator can be found under the ‘How it works’ tab in the main menu.
      Flex Shopper does have a return policy too. This info comes from their website: ”A customer may return the leased product in accordance with the terms in their Lease Agreement.”
      So it will come down to what product you bought. Don’t forget they also provide live chat at their website if you have any specific questions.


  4. Hey Vince,
    You have a nice looking site here.
    You said that you use this company, how much over the retail price do you end up paying? I had left a comment and a couple of questions on your site that people may ask. It may be some information you could add to help your visitors. Overall you have a nice professional page. Best of luck to you,
    Hillbilly Vapor

    1. Thanks Paul! I really appreciate your kind words.

      Last time I bought something on Flex Shopper I ended up paying a little bit more than the Amazon price. Which is perfectly normal, considering you get such a long time in between your small payments.


  5. Hi Vincent.
    I have a question for you. I love the idea of renting a printer it does sound a lot more achievable to get a high quality printer than trying to outright buy one. What I wanted to know is are there any options to have ink or toner refills included for extra or would I be responsible for replacing this myself? Personally this is the most expensive part about a printer and can be a lot of money out of pocket in one go especially for toner.

  6. Wow. This is an interesting article. I had never heard of Flexshopper before. The idea of lease to own in 1 year is totally new to me. And best of all, no money down. You will need to pay a small amount weekly and for a year the item will be yours to keep. At first glance, some items in Flexshopper are really cheap. You can really do business with a low startup budget. Thanks for such as great info.

  7. Hey Vincent, thanks for introducing this service. It sounds really helpful. Wish I have seen this earlier. I have printer sitting on my desk now and I cant seem to recall when I needed to use it other than the day I bought it.

    I could have just rent it and save some money there. My fault anyway. Thanks for reviewing flex shopper.


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