Where do I find a cheap ink cartridge?

Finding the right inkjet cartridge shouldn’t be too hard of a problem. Most printer retailers and cartridge stores provide you with huge libraries so you can get all the required information. Finding the right and cheap ink cartridge may however be a bit of a pickle.


Nobody wants to end up with a really cheap printer but having to spend lots of money on ink. Everybody needs to be very aware of the fact that companies will make advantage of this. They come up with very cheap printers knowing that they can get a lot of money back off the ink. Those printers might not have compatible cartridges, so you’ll end up buying full sets of new cartridges instead of replacing them 1 at a time. Another possibility is that the printers might require you to have ink in every slot. So you can’t just make black and white prints when you’re out of yellow ink. Don’t let this happen to you and do your research before buying!

I want to end this blog with a last tip on how you can save out on ink. Most printers have an option to change the print quality. Depending on the documents you are going to print, you might want to turn the quality down a notch. You can end up saving yourself a lot of ink and therefore a lot of money that you don’t have to invest.

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