Best printers for home use

One of the most common questions we get in our business: “What would be considered the best printers for home use?”  Everything comes down to your own preferences. However, few things need to be thought-through. First you will have to decide your main printing goals. Will you be printing a few photos or are you planning on making thousands of prints? Or do you prefer more versatility coming from a multi-function printer? Next you can start thinking about the budget you are willing to spend.

In the first case you are probably looking for an inkjet printer. Although this isn’t set in stone anymore, inkjet printers have a better reputation regarding photos. This is because of the printing process. Producers of inkjet printers are already incorporating software to ease printing out photos. This software often contains memory card readers and PictBridge, for an easy connection between a printer and a digital camera.

HP DESKJET 2540 ALL-IN-ONE                                       HP DESKJET 2540 ALL-IN-ONE

You aren’t planning on making lots of prints. Probably you just need a few documents printed out every month. This really is the ideal printer for basic
users. The HP Deskjet 2540 all-in-one has built in wireless technologies. Making it possible for the user to connect with a pc, phone or tablet. Furthermore you can scan all your documents, making it possible for the printer to act as a stand-alone copier. Flexibility is probably the best word to describe this rather cheap, multifunction printer.

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Secondly there are laser printers, those have excellent features regarding monochrome prints and lean more towards office environments. Fast, spotless and more economic printouts are qualities which most companies will be looking for. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean a laser printer won’t be any good for home usage. If you aren’t planning on making a lot of color photos then this might be what you’re looking for. Toners for laser printers yield higher quantities of prints and therefore will be more cost efficient than inkjet cartridges. Definitely keep this in mind when purchasing a printer.

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