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Where to buy cheap ink cartridges?

cmyk-artThe internet is loaded with websites trying to sell you their over expensive ink cartridges. In fact, this is the business strategy of some manufacturers. They are willing to give their printers away for free as long as you buy their ink. Don’t fall into this trap! Lucky enough there are places where you can buy cheap ink cartridges without spending a fortune. Listening to my tips will put you on the right track. After all, I’m willing to advice you as a friend, not a salesman.


Buying in bulk

As I have explained before, buying ink in bulk comes with some advantages. Bringing down the price significantly being one of those. However, nobody wants to be stuck with tons of ink. This is where the 3rd party comes in. 3rd party ink sellers are entities that will place huge orders to lower the price. This is beneficial for everybody involved in the buying process. More particular for you, since you will be able to buy high quality ink for a lower price.

Where I get my ink

I order my ink cartridges at TomatoInk. I have been doing so for the past years and I have no intent switching to another vendor. TomatoInk  is a trustworthy company that is by far the cheapest place to get your ink while still preserving the high quality everybody likes. Because they are a company that buys lots of ink at once they are able to sell at a lower price than other sites. By selling exclusively via the internet they don’t have to deal with huge operational costs like the traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Easy website

Their website is very handy to use too! You can choose between any printer brand and model and TomatoInk will give you a list of compatible cartridges. Just select the one you like and your order is ready. Their website is entirely based around ink selling, which makes it easier to use than most other sites.

Free shipping

Instead of paying extra for shipping costs you are better of ordering a higher amount of cartridges. Just make sure to place an order above $50 so your shipping is free. TomatoInk has a 1 year money back guarantee in case you aren’t 100% satisfied. I can’t tell you too much about this since I have never used it myself.

For the sake of thoroughness, let’s make a quick comparison:

I am looking for an ink cartridge for my HP Envy 4500 model. The first image shows what it would cost me on TomatoInk. The next image is the price at Amazon. Amazon is twice as expensive as TomatoInk, with $68 compared to $33 respectively. Note that these cartridges have the same page yield. It’s a no brainer for me. Get your ink at TomatoInk now!













If you don’t believe me I highly suggest you to go check it out yourself. Let me know about your experience with TomatoInk or other ink vendors. If you have any suggestions/questions leave a comment below.

Good luck with your ink buying!



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Office depot printer cartridges: 6 easy tips

Unfortunately, there is no way around it. To keep our printers running we will need ink. However, I can provide you with 6 awesome tips that will make your quest for ink a bit easier.

In our search for the right office INK1depot printer cartridges we better think twice before making a purchase. I’m just going to jump right into things and lay out all tips that come to mind when purchasing a cartridge.


Cheap printers

First of all typical office depot printers are priced anywhere from $30 to $300. They are more compact and are ideal to put on a desk or in a small office, hence their name. Cheaper printers can come along with high cartridge price tags. Buying a $50 printer and having to spend an extra $100 every month on ink might not exactly be what you are looking for. Tip 1: Check the corresponding cartridge prices before buying. Some companies actually lose money or barely break even when selling their printers. They generate profits from customers buying their (overly) expensive cartridges. Don’t let them fool you into this trick!

CMYKYield of the cartridge

Secondly not every cartridge serves the same purpose or will be conformable with every printer.  On top of that there can be huge price differences between the same cartridges, or cartridges that accomplish the same goal. However, these prices can sometimes be justified according to the quality and yield of prints they are capable of producing. Tip 2: try to figure out the yield of the cartridge you are planning on buying. Manufacturers are not obligated to provide you with such information.

Third party’s

Overpriced cartridges opened up a new market. For starters there are the third party manufacturers. These are entity’s other than the main manufacturer that produce and sell cartridges at cheaper prices. Tip 3: Just make sure the cartridge from this third party is compatible with your printer and that this party is verified. This way you can save up a lot of money. Be careful however, not every third party is thrust-worthy. Counterfeiters will always lurk around to sell you less qualitative ink or under a main manufacturer’s name.

Refilling cartridges

Another trick manufacturers came up with was the possibility to refill their cartridges. Cartridges have a big impact on the environment and refilling them is more environmentally friendly. Not every cartridge can be refilled though. Refilling can be a profitable thing to do if you know how and have a good refilling kit. You could go to a manufacturer and let him refill your cartridges too, but I won’t recommend refilling at all to be honest. It is known for a fact that refilled cartridges will have higher printing failure rates. Besides, the quality of the prints will go down drastically and typical problems like page curling and uneven ink spreading will occur more often. Tip 4:  You might want to stay away from refilling.

Heavy users

On the other hand when you are a heavy user in need of a lot of ink you might want to consider upgrading your printer(s). Industrial printers or often laser printers that work with toners can have higher yields and become a lot cheaper in the long run. Tip 5: Industrial printers have a high investment cost but cheaper ink patterns.

camionBuying in bulk

Lastly when you are more of a heavy consumer consider buying ink in bulk. Manufacturers tend to give promotions when you buy more of a product. Same goes for ink and cartridges. If the manufacturer doesn’t have a bulk offer available at the moment you can still contact him yourself and discuss a possible discount. Tip 6: Be on the lookout for bulk offers. Buying more of a product will cut the costs.

When you follow those tips you are off to a great start when buying your next cartridges. Buying cartridges doesn’t have to be a hard task and it won’t if you follow those easy steps. If you are still having questions about cartridges feel free to leave a comment. I will be happy to answer them.


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Where do I find a cheap ink cartridge?

Finding the right inkjet cartridge shouldn’t be too hard of a problem. Most printer retailers and cartridge stores provide you with huge libraries so you can get all the required information. Finding the right and cheap ink cartridge may however be a bit of a pickle.


Nobody wants to end up with a really cheap printer but having to spend lots of money on ink. Everybody needs to be very aware of the fact that companies will make advantage of this. They come up with very cheap printers knowing that they can get a lot of money back off the ink. Those printers might not have compatible cartridges, so you’ll end up buying full sets of new cartridges instead of replacing them 1 at a time. Another possibility is that the printers might require you to have ink in every slot. So you can’t just make black and white prints when you’re out of yellow ink. Don’t let this happen to you and do your research before buying!

I want to end this blog with a last tip on how you can save out on ink. Most printers have an option to change the print quality. Depending on the documents you are going to print, you might want to turn the quality down a notch. You can end up saving yourself a lot of ink and therefore a lot of money that you don’t have to invest.

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