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103 percent growth on a global scale: 3D printers for at home

There is no denying it, the 3D printer3D-printer-forecast market is booming. According to a new Gartner research worldwide shipments of 3D printers will climb to half a million. That’s almost double the amount of 3d printing machines sold in 2015. Moreover, between 2016 and 2019 3D printer shipments are forecast to double every year. 3D printers for at home and in small offices are a reality. If you’re not sure what 3D printing is all about, take a look at my page here.

Global impact

“Rapid quality and performance innovations across all 3D printer technologies are driving both enterprise and consumer demand, with unit shipment growth rates for 3D printers increasing significantly,” said Pete Basiliere, research vice president at Gartner. “The 3D printer market is continuing its transformation from a niche market to broad-based, global market of enterprises and consumers.” 

3D possibilities are ever evolving and there are seemingly no limitations. Earlier in September US researchers developed a 3D printed guide that helps regrow both sensory and motor functions of complex nerve systems. These techniques can help the nerves regrow after an injury.

Startup Carbon3D

Meanwhile, a young yet different company, Carbon3D, came up with a new approach to 3D printing. They understand some of the 3D printing weaknesses and improved them. Like I explained in an earlier article, the 3D printing process works by layering. It’s essentially like 2D printing, over and over again. Carbon3D makes use of CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) to improve speed and quality. Instead of printing layer by layer, this technique grows the parts instead of printing them. It’s almost like the newly formed objects emerge from a cocktail of ingredients. Take a look yourself in their demo video below.

3D printing will evolve a lot in the next years. Truth is nobody can exactly predict how big the 3D printing impact will be. However, manufacturers and governments are investing a lot in making 3D printers smaller and affordable for anybody. Owning your own 3D printer isn’t something unimaginable anymore as it used to be. If you are left with any questions just drop a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer it for you.

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